Adventures in Pole Dancing

Chicken Strip

I saw this little video today of a chicken stripping. I couldn’t stop laughing.

First, because it’s so stupid. But mainly, because it reminds me of my failed attempt at stripping.

Ok, I never actually stripped or intended to. I just wanted to take pole dancing lessons.

Ever since I watched a pole dancing championship competition video, I was mesmerized by what those women can do on those poles. They make it look effortless. But it wasn’t until I tried it myself, that I truly appreciated what incredible athletes they are.

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty strong and athletic. But I could not hold myself up on that pole. Like not even a little bit. And it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that attempting to do so resulted in my shoulder injury.

But, aside from the sheer physicality required to hoist myself up on the pole, what I found the most difficult was trying to be “sexy.”

The studio where I took the classes had several poles affixed to the ground and ceiling at varying intervals along the room. After encouraging us to bring heels to class, the instructor would dim the lights and have us do lengthy stretching exercises. Once we were nice and sore…er, I mean warm, the heels came on and we were guided to approach the pole with abandon and be slinky and sexy.

All I could muster was nervous laughter. And dirty looks from the divas surrounding me. I just couldn’t do it.

So when I saw the chicken strip, I was hilariously reminded of my failed attempt at both being seductive and of climbing the pole.

Have you ever tried pole dancing classes? What was your experience? Leave a comment below!


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