Freezers and the Decline of Ice Pick Murders

Today, as I was thinking about how grateful I am for ice makers, it dawned on me that they were probably singlehandedly responsible for the decline in murders committed with ice picks.

I had never really thought about ice picks before. Well, save for that one time I saw a movie where Sharon Stone killed someone with one. Or something like that. I think it’s the same movie where she wasn’t wearing underwear and flashed the camera. So if you missed the ice pick part, that was probably why.

Anyway, I never knew what an ice pick was for on the count of as long as I can remember, my freezer just made ice. No pick necessary.

But today, my husband told me some tall tale about how some guy would deliver a big ice block and they would keep it in a like a big cooler and plug in some type of fan to circulate the air or something.

That’s when I realized that’s what an ice pick must have been for.

And that my husband is old.

That’s when I also made the connection between the ice-maker and the decline in ice pick homicides. If that was ever thing. But if it was, I would venture to guess that we have the ice-making freezer to thank for it.

So, thank you ice maker, for always being there to keep my beverages frosty. And for stopping ice pick deaths.

Have you ever heard of an icepick? What do you use it for? Leave a comment below!


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