I Just Want a Doughnut

The Salty Donut’s Maple Bacon Doughnut

I’ve been wanting one forever. But since I also want to lose weight, I haven’t had one.

I don’t want one badly enough to actually go out of my way to get one. And luckily, I don’t usually go anywhere where I might stumble upon one.

So I let the desire come and then eventually, it passes. And I forget. Until I remember again.

And I just remembered.

But I don’t want just any doughnut. It has to be a really good one. With bacon. Because if I’m going to eat something sinful, I’m going straight to pure evil.

Pure, piggy-topped evil.


Also, while we’re on the subject, I’ve often wondered: Does the Pillsbury Doughboy have dough nuts?

What have you been craving? Leave a comment below!


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