Why I Quit the Gym


Disclaimer: This is not a picture of me!

Even while I was at the gym, filling out the required paperwork (because they don’t make it as easy to quit as they do to sign up,) I recognized the irony that at the time of year when everyone else is joining, I was ending my long relationship and tumultuous relationship with it. And really, the main reason I was paying for the gym to begin with was because I needed access to a pool for triathlon training. But, I hadn’t been swimming.

And I had finally just decided that I was done making my monthly donation.

Now, it’s not that I don’t like to work out. I just realized that I hardly ever went to the gym. And when I did go, I basically just hit the treadmill or the stair climber. And then I’d saunter over to the machines and do some legs. And maybe some arms. Then I’d hit the mats to do a little ab work and stretch.

The gym is an intimidating place. It’s filled with all kinds of people – from novices to muscle heads. The former are incredibly annoying. And the latter scare the shit out of me.

Because a lot of them can be very judgmental. And the last thing I want when I’m trying to work out is to feel like a fool for doing something wrong. I have a friend who’s notorious for catching people on video using the machines in very creative ways. I do not want to end up on one of those videos.

Anyhow, my best workouts, the ones where I actually felt like I was making real progress, didn’t happen at a huge gym with all the bells and whistles. They took place in a much more intimate, albeit still intimidating, atmosphere.

I’m referring to my experiences at a smaller gym with a personal trainer. And while an argument can be made that all of the money I donated to the gym for all of those years would have been better spent paying a trainer, what I paid monthly for the gym wouldn’t have covered an hour for a one-on-one session.

Having said that, I find myself at a cross-roads. I’m not currently in a financial situation where I can afford either, so I make do, alternating between cycling through the myriad videos I’ve purchased throughout the years and just jumping rope or shooting hoops with my babies.

And although I’ve been religiously adhering to my commitment to do some type of exercise every day this year, I’m just not seeing the results I’d like to see.

I know. I know. Diet is essential if you want to see any kind of real results in terms of weight loss.

But, because I’m not in it just to drop some lbs, I’ll continue to work out in whatever capacity I can until I can pay someone to make me do it right. And I’ll continue to try and watch what I eat. And cut down on the drinking. At least until next week, anyway.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. I may not technically be Irish. But really, since when does that fucking matter?

How do you stay fit and lean? Leave a comment below!





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