Frightful Fitting Rooms

When you walk into a fitting room feeling somewhat fabulous but you walk out feeling like a Botero.


Why, pray tell, do some fitting rooms have the ability to instantly depress you?

I mean, I know I’ve lamented about having gained weight recently so I’m not completely delusional when I walk into a dressing room.

However, I choose to believe…nay, I have to believe, that I don’t look nearly as ghastly as I appear in the reflection staring back at me.

I don’t often try on clothes for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I’m just not a fan of shopping.

But then there are the dressing rooms or depressing rooms, if we’re being honest.

I mean, wtf is up with the lighting in some of those?

I’m not naïve enough to pretend that SOME of those dimples aren’t actually there. But they can’t ALL actually be there? Can they?

At what point can you distinguish bad lighting from reality? Or blame it?

And also, I’m assuming that the primary goal of any clothing store is to make sales, correct?

Then why, oh why, would they have such horrendous, unflattering lights in those rooms?

Wouldn’t a better strategy be to have those skinny fun house mirrors and like candlelight or something?

And, I love Nordstrom. But they have notoriously horrendous fitting room lighting. Put me in charge of that shit, and I promise sales would increase tenfold!

And depression rates would significantly decrease.

It’s a win/win, if you ask me.

Do you have any tales of woe surrounding fitting rooms? Or am I the only fatass that has this problem? Leave a comment below!


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