Why Cursing Makes You Awesome

I am profoundly profane. In other words, I curse like a sailor. And I sometimes feel bad about it.

You know, all that Catholic guilt and social norms and shit.

It certainly wasn’t the way I was raised. My mother would say, “Oh, fudge!” or, “Oh, sugar!” And we were never allowed to curse in the house. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Aside from sometimes feeling guilty about the fact that I liberally sprinkle my speech with expletives anyway, I also worry that people might be judging my upbringing or questioning my intelligence. I know you’re not supposed to care what people think and all that. Which is something I’m working on.

So, imagine my delight when I came across an article about a study that found that people who curse are actually perceived to have a greater degree of integrity, be more relatable, have the ability to inject humor into situations AND be more intelligent!

In fact, the study shows that a “high use of profanity correlates with overall verbal fluency, and as the study’s authors put it, ‘Verbal fluency is the hallmark of intellectual acumen;’ the more words one knows and uses, the greater one’s verbal prowess or intelligence.

Plus, when you share something funny with someone, you’re also giving them a sense of inclusion, which creates a sense of community.

It turns out, I’m pretty fucking awesome.

The moral of the story: Go ahead and curse away. It makes people like you.

And if they don’t like you? Fuck them!

They probably don’t curse and are therefore probably not as smart as you.

How much do you love cursing? Leave a comment below. Unless you don’t


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