The Kiddie Pool in the Living Room

When you’re young and broke and they shut off your power, you make do and enjoy by blowing up and filling a kiddie pool in your living room. Until you realize you have to get it out.

I first got married when I was very young and then a year later, my firstborn graced us with her presence. My then-husband was in the Navy and had been stationed at a base in Pensacola that was mainly used for teaching. Meaning nobody typically stayed there for very long.

Except us.

Every time he was up to be stationed somewhere new, he got re-stationed there. Of all the bases he could have been sent to, like Germany or Spain…or even Key West, we got stuck in Pensafreakingcola.

This sucked for several reasons, not the least of which was that it was fucking boring as shit. And it was lonely.

But aside from that, it was difficult for me to find a job that paid enough to even cover child care. So I stayed home with the baby and we subsisted on his $12,000 annual salary. Now even though this was some time ago, $12k was still not a hefty sum — not for a family of 3, anyway.

So there were times we struggled to pay our bills. And times where those bastards thought that was a good enough excuse to shut of stuff like our phone. And our power.

We also only had one car. That my ex would take to work. Where he got to enjoy luxuries like A/C on scorchingly hot summer days.

The baby, Astro and I…not so much.

So after several sweltering weeks, I decided I’d had enough of sweating our asses off. And I had a brilliant idea!

It was too hot to go outside. Plus, I’m like allergic to the out of doors. So I decided, why not bring the kiddie pool INSIDE the house?

I set to work on inflating the pool and then I brought the hose in the house and filled that sucker up. Astro and the baby were very entertained by this whole scene.

I grabbed myself a drink, gave the baby her sippy cup and we sat in the pool, chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool.

Until my ex got home.

After he looked at me like I had finally gone insane and said some not-so-nice things to me, he plainly said, “This is all well and good. But how do you plan to get it out of here?”

Hmmmm…. I had not thought of that.

He was adamant about not helping because he admonished me about being the one to get myself into this mess and having to be the one to get myself out, so I had no choice but to proceed on my own.

My first attempt to pull the full pool out of the house was unsuccessful. My only other option was to try and decrease the amount of water in the pool. But how to do that?

The pool wasn’t deep enough for a bucket so….I emptied that sucker two solo cups at a time until it was light enough to drag to the door and then tip over to empty it of the remaining water.

Needless to say, I never did that again.

Have you ever gotten into a pickle you then had to figure a way out of? Leave a comment below!


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