Started From the Bottom Now I’m Here


No. This isn’t a post about some rags to riches story. Not yet, anyway.

It’s much more mundane than that.

It’s my strategy for getting through mind-numbing, seemingly never-ending blocks of data.

Every time I’m faced with a task whereby I’m forced to examine a long list of information – which is torture for my more-creative side but strangely titillating for my more OCD one – I always start at the top of the list.

But depending on how long the list is and how quickly I get bored with doing whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing with it, I switch up my strategy for tackling the task by literally flipping the script and approaching it from the bottom up, until I meet the place where I left off going the other way.

Somehow, it makes a daunting to-do more palatable and a little less scream-inducing.

I guess it’s a good analogy for life or something. Like maybe you need to change the way you  look at things. The task remains the same but your perspective about it makes all the difference.

Do you have any strategies for making a boring task more tolerable?


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