The 4oz Pour


Why the 4oz Wine Pour is Immoral. And Why We Must Unite to Put an End to this Travesty.

Have you ever wondered why your wine glass is so big?

Me too.

In fact, my friends and I wonder this all the time.

Especially when a server comes by and pours a tiny little bit of wine in our big ass glasses.


Now, if you’ve ever had children or even just been around those tiny people, you know that when they’re first born, their itty bitty bellies can only hold so much liquid. Like 2 – 4 oz.

That’s why those little fuckers only sleep for like 2 hours at a time. They get hungry because their little bellies can only hold a tiny amount of liquid.

But once you get older, your belly can hold a hell of a lot more than just a tiny 4 oz of liquid. Trust me.

So riddle me this: why do some bartenders/servers still insist on serving you this obscenely small amount of wine?

It’s embarrassing. It’s a treachery of the most severe kind. And symbolic of all that’s wrong with this country.

Seriously, there oughta be a law.

So I call on all of you to do your civic duty. And fill up those glasses. Let them fulfill their intended purpose.

After all, people who drink wine aren’t infants. At least not usually. And if they are, then it’s ok to only give them 4 oz.

And if you go somewhere and they only give you 2oz? Well, that’s just treason. Plain and simple.

How do you feel about those tiny pours? Only leave a comment if you recognize that it’s criminal. Or if you’ve started a petition I can sign and share.




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