The Peeping Pool Guy


I’ve heard so many stories about “the hot pool guy.” Ok. Again, maybe not firsthand stories. But certainly in movies and TV shows.

And I always wondered about this phenomenon. Were there really hot pool boys everywhere? I had never had a pool so I wasn’t sure.

When we moved into a house that had a pool, we mistakenly thought we could maintain it ourselves.

But once it started to resemble a pond, we caved and hired a pool guy. An ok-looking guy. (Cue my disappointment.) One that services our pool once a week. On Tuesdays.

However, this week’s President’s Day observance on Monday kinda threw me off.

As an aside: I’d like to share that my morning routine involves getting up to use the restroom and then opening the blinds and returning to my bed to complete my brain training and to meditate.

And also that I sleep naked.

So yesterday, as I finished my meditation and opened my eyes, they were met by the gaze of the aforementioned pool guy.

In shock, we both stared at each other uncomfortably until the reality of the situation crystalized and I slid, not so stealthily, under the covers and waited for him to leave.

Now I’m struggling with hoping he didn’t see anything and hoping that if he did, he liked what he saw. I guess I’ll know if he starts showing up more than once a week.

Have you found yourself in any compromising situations with maintenance crew? Don’t let me suffer alone. Leave a comment below!





5 thoughts on “The Peeping Pool Guy

  1. ~M says:

    Oh gosh… how embarrassing! Lol… I have never had maintenance catch me naked, but on several occasions, my in-laws have caught me coming out of the shower without any clothes. I don’t know what’s more humiliating, having to be naked in front of people you’re going to have to see on a regular basis, or somebody like a pool boy. Hmmm…. too bad he isn’t one of the hot ones! 😉


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