Farmers Only. A Dating Site for Farmers.


My husband used to travel a lot for work. But not to fun places like Paris and London. Or even New York, California or Vegas. No. He had to go to places like Evansville and Gary Indiana, Carbondale, Illinois and Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

After one of those trips, he told me about a commercial he had seen for a dating site just for farmers. I thought he was either a) high or b) that it was a spoof or a joke.

Until one day, I saw the commercial with my very own eyes. Here. In Miami.

He felt vindicated. I felt thoroughly bewildered.

The commercial was for


As you can see, it’s a real thing.

No. I swear.

So if you’re a farmer or rancher or just a good old country folk….you, my friend, don’t have to be lonely.

Because City Folks just don’t get it.

No. We don’t. We really, really don’t.

Have you ever heard of this dating site? Better yet, have you used it and found your country soul mate? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below!


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