My Blue Pen Obsession

I’ve previously divulged that I have an office supply fetish. So the fact that I’m writing a post about my love for blue pens should come as no surprise.

And by fetish I mean that I have an unhealthy appetite for all office accoutrements. Not that I, in any way, get turned on by or with these things.

Back to my pens. I love them. So much.

And although I like pens with other color ink, my absolute favorite is blue. Dark blue.

But they can’t just be any pens.

I don’t like gel ink. Or roller balls. I say nyet to fountain or quill. And those little marker tips are like finger nails on a chalk board.

Gimme a nice, smooth blue ballpoint with a medium tip and I’m yours forever. Actually, I need more than one. No. Seriously. The more the merrier.

I have serious issues. I can’t walk past a stationery store or office supply store or even an office supply aisle at a convenience or grocery store without stopping to pick up a new pen to add to my obscenely unnecessary collection.

Also, please note that price doesn’t play a role in my affinity for my pen “pals.” I’m equally as attached to my more expensive, fancy writing instruments as I am to my cheapy ones.

And please don’t ask me to borrow my pen if you don’t plan to return it. It causes me a great deal of distress. I will eye you like a hawk until my beloved is back in my possession.

And if you happen to abscond with it under my watchful eye, I will hunt you down and kill you.

Ok. So maybe I won’t actually snuff you out. But believe you me, I will most certainly want to. And it will forever remain etched in my memory that you are a thief of the vilest kind who can never henceforth be trusted.

Do you have an unnatural love of pens? If so, do you have a proclivity for a certain kind of pen? Leave a comment below!


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