Chi Chi Chi Chia Pod


I was hungry. And since I’ve eaten pretty much nothing but crap and leftovers today, I decided rather than scarf down the entire sleeve of Galleticas Maria (Maria Cookies, for you gringos) I should probably opt for something a tad less toxic.

After searching high and low, and because we’re seriously running out of rations and are in dire need of a Whole Foods run (because we’re food snobs that way,) I came across this lone Chia Pod in the fridge and decided to give it a go.

I detached the handy dandy little spoon thingie and scooped up a modest portion of the gelatinous goo. And although the consistency may be a little off-putting, it actually tastes just like Gerber banana baby food. Just a little lumpier.

Of course, after polishing it off, I looked at the nutrition label – the parts of it I can see, anyway – and discovered that it’s actually got a hefty amount of fat, carbs and sugar.

But hey, at least it’s got some fiber. And that’s one redeeming quality I’m hanging on to as I justify today’s nutritional shit show.

Also, now I can’t stop singing the Chia Pet jingle. #earworm

Please tell me you ate like deep-fried Twinkies for breakfast so I can feel better about my food choices today. Leave a comment below!



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