Birthday on Ice


Today, we celebrated Thing 2’s birthday at the ice arena.

Now, I get that while most people in the rest of the country may not think this is any kind of big deal, for us Miami folk, ice skating is not something you’re normally exposed to. On the count of its Hades hot here pretty much 360 days of the year. So there aren’t any frozen lakes and stuff around.

So this whole skating on ice thing took a little getting used to.

Some kids, like my daughter, were fearless out there. While others were slightly more trepidatious. And then there were those that needed a bit more hand holding. And boy, am I going to pay the price for that tomorrow (if the mounting backache I’m currently experiencing is any indication.)

But overall, I think the party was a success. The littles had a blast shuffling around the rink. And then hanging out in the middle, scooping up ice and attempting to make snow men and snow balls. That they proceeded to throw at each other (and at me.)

Plus, I’ve already been informed by Thing 2 that she no longer wants to take hip hop lessons because she can totally teach herself how to dance. She now wants ice skating lessons. And to celebrate every birthday from now on at the ice arena.

I’m so happy she had a great time at her party. And that nobody ended up in the ER.

But now, I need a Percocet. And to sleep for 2 days.

Where is your favorite place to celebrate a birthday? Leave a comment below!


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