Yes, Dammit. I Want Fries With That.


I eschewed fast food years ago. Not because I think it’s fattening and stuff.

Just simply because I know it’s not real food.

I will eat a side of beef if I know it actually came from a cow. That wasn’t injected full of hormones. Or given antibiotics.

But I’m really skeptical of the “meat” or “chicken” or “fish” I get when I order “food” from any restaurant, really.

So, it hasn’t been all that difficult to simply drive past any fast food joint and just make some eggs when I get home.

Except when it comes to fries. Which I’ve lamentably discovered are my kryptonite.

And yes, I know they’re like the freaking devil and probably THE worst thing you can ingest.

But, holy shit. They’re so good.

It’s what I imagine a heroin addiction is like. If a heroin addiction involved salty, fried potato sticks. And didn’t involve needles.

Anyway, all of this to say that I had some fries today.

And since I don’t believe in going to confession anymore but I’m still racked with Catholic school guilt, I felt I needed to share. And maybe ask to be absolved.

Perhaps a couple Hail Marys will do the trick.

If not, the 5 extra pounds I probably put on should be punishment enough. Or all the arteries I just permanently hardened.

Are there any food weaknesses you harbor? Leave a comment below!


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