I Love Free Movies at the Park


I’m feeling a little less bitchy today so I thought I’d give the ranting a break and talk about something I don’t hate.

As I’ve previously mentioned, when you’ve got young kids and no sitters (and really just no energy nor desire to do a whole heck of a lot) you find creative – and sometimes, fortuitously, more frugal ways to entertain your spawn.

Because as anyone knows, taking a family of four to the movies these days – between the admission and the snacks (and the obligatory wine for mom and dad) – can easily run you a Benjamin.

So tonight, we took the minions to see a free movie, part of their Screen on the Green series, at one of our local parks. We popped some corn at home and picked up some sammies and snacks on the way. We laid out our blanket and set up a couple tailgate chairs and settled in to watch the show.

Our children, however, have the attention span of gnats. So about 10 minutes into the flick, they announced that they were going to run around and play soccer whilst also watching the movie.

So basically, my husband and I watched “Secret Life of Pets.” On the ground.

At least it wasn’t Hades hot out. And some brilliant kid was selling Girl Scout Cookies.

But the best part was we didn’t have to tell the kids to go the fuck to sleep a gazillion times tonight because they basically passed out as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

All in all, I’d call it a successful evening.

Do you take advantage of any of the free activities in your town? Leave a comment below!


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