Spanx? No, Thanx!

Some women don’t know how they survived before the invention of Spanx.

Sure, there were many precursors, probably dating back hundreds of years. From girdles to corsets. All designed to constrict. Make a woman appear thinner than she is.

I’ve even heard that the great Beyonce wears several pairs during performances to keep everything tight. And I guess if I was getting paid millions to gyrate on stage, I may reconsider my stance.

But, seriously, I just like comfort. I do my best to work out and watch what I eat so I’m not jiggling all over the place. However, at the end of the day, If I have to choose between being comfortable and looking firmer or skinnier, I choose comfort every time.

Now, I’m all for girl power and am super thrilled that Sarah Blakely is a gabillionaire for having invented Spanx. And that she’s from Florida. AND an FSU grad — go Noles!

But you can’t tell me that you’re in the best mood when you’re all compressed like that. Just like with pointy, sky-high heels. After you enjoy looking sexy for all of five minutes, you’re just a cranky bitch. And who can blame you?

We weren’t designed to be all sucked in like that. Do what you can to control the jello in the gym and in the kitchen.

And then let your flab fly, I say!

Because form must follow function. It’s like one of the commandments. I’m pretty sure.

How do you feel about shapewear. Yea or Nay? Leave a comment below!


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