Anal Probes. But Why???


I’ve often heard stories about people being abducted by aliens. And no. Not from actual abductees. Just from stories….mainly on TV and in movies.

And it seems to me that the main thing these stories have in common, aside from the description of the flying saucer and the weird looking beings emerging from them, is the very disturbing fact that most of these abductions involve some kind of anal foraging.

Now, because for some reason I find this practice intriguing, I spend an inordinate amount of time pondering this bizarre practice.

Like, what exactly are they looking for?

Or are they inserting some kind of tag, like scientists do so they can track shark migrations?

No matter. I honestly don’t get it.

I mean, if I had just encountered a new species, I’m fairly certain that their anuses wouldn’t even make the top ten list of things I’d like to investigate.

Do you believe in aliens? And what do you make of these probes? Leave a comment below!



2 thoughts on “Anal Probes. But Why???

  1. The V Pub says:

    It truly makes sense for them to perform anal probes. Why? I suspect that they’ve been observing us for some time and have come to the conclusion that, as a species, we have our heads up our ass. So, they’re only trying to find where our true intellect resides. 😀


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