Who Stole the Cookie?


My husband claims to not have a sweet tooth. Yet he’s constantly showing up at the house with some chocolate or cookies or ice cream.


Luckily, I’m not much into sweets. So it’s really not so much of a temptation for me.

But when you have small children around, the struggle is real.

Now, my kids know that I don’t condone them eating crap. And by crap I mean not only candy but bread and cereal. Even juice is off limits at my house.

But again, my husband subsists off that shit so it’s very difficult to keep the house free of said crap.

But he knows I’m not a fan of their eating it, and after seeing how psychotic they get when they do, he’s decided I’m probably right.

So he still brings home the tasty treats. But he tries to hide it.

He thought he was being slick until he went to grab an Oreo and discovered there were only two left. Now, I’ll have to admit that I did, indeed, partake. But I only had four.

Which means our little cookie monsters ate whatever my husband hadn’t.

So I decided to fuck with them and I put the container back in the hiding place, sans cookies- but with a little extra surprise inside.

I wish I had a nanny cam to catch them when they find it.

How do you keep your kids from eating your stash? Leave a comment below!




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