Those Irresistible Little Magazine Samples

img_7306I love magazines. I subscribe to at least 10. But not like the kind with a lot of words, though. I like the ones with shiny pictures. And product reviews.

The ones that have a zillion pages of those little perfume strips. That all invariably smell like shit. But that I’m compelled to smell anyway. And sometimes even rub on my wrist.

I also both love and hate the fact that many of them include these little sample packets. Because although I’ve never, not once, purchased a product based on a sample I pulled out of a magazine, I also almost never even use the stupid packets. They just clutter up my dresser like little dust magnets.

But still, every time I come across one, I can’t resist pulling it off the page, carefully rolling up the little sticky strip they use to secure it into a ball and playing with it for far longer than I should probably admit.

I know I have a problem. But it’s one I’ve at least now publicly admitted to.

And one that will likely replace another of my more lofty goals as a resolution this year.

Because much like any religious item that gets mailed to me, be it a charm or rosary or picture or postcard thingie, I can’t bring myself to dispose of these fucking little packets.

Do you have any peculiar habits involving your subscriptions? Please leave a comment below. This could get interesting!


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