Song Lyrics I’ve Assassinated

img_7236Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an affinity for song lyrics. When I was really little, I remember being so frustrated that I couldn’t understand some of the songs on the radio. I wanted to sing along but felt foolish because I knew I wasn’t getting some of them quite right.

Then I made the most awesome discovery. At the grocery store, by the registers, they sold these little magazines that contained the lyrics to all the songs currently playing on the radio.

*Yes. I’m old. Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet.


Anyway. I would pore over and memorize (Much to the chagrin of anyone who’s ever been in a car with me for any length of time.)

So I’m not proud to admit that there have been some hip hop/rap tunes that have thrown me for a loop.

Like, for instance, when I thought they were saying “trying to catch me writing your name,” when in fact, they were saying “tryin’ a catch me ridin’ dirty.”

Or, the time I was belting out “I like the way you do that right turn.” Which, of course, I now know to be “I like the way you do that right thurr.”

But, come on. I still insist you gotta give me that one.

Wtf is a thurr??

My “friend” says it’s because I’m a cracker.

Luckily, I don’t get insulted easily.

Have there been any lyrics you’ve screwed up? Leave a comment below!



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