Why You Should Never Give a Fitness Tracker to Someone With OCD

fullsizerender-7Last year, my husband got me a Fitbit.

Because even though I’ve got a pretty decent Garmin watch with GPS and a ton of other bells and whistles, it’s the size of a refrigerator and I only wear it for running and triathlons.

I wanted, nay, I NEEDED a fitness tracker.

Something that would track my sleep (or lack thereof) and measure my heart rate (sans annoying chest strap) and track my steps and calories burned.

As with any new tech gadget, I immediately started to play around with it and quickly discovered that I could set a goal of walking 250 steps every hour for 10 hours every day. It even allowed me to set handy little silent reminders.

Now that sounds all well and good. To a more balanced person. But with someone who’s a bit more….obsessive, this can be a very bad thing.

Like when I made my husband abruptly pull over to the side of the road so I could jump out and get my 250 steps in before the end of the hour, my children scared that mommy had finally lost it and was running away. 

Or when I was desperately looking for a parking spot but couldn’t find one so I just stopped the car in the middle of the lot, got out of the car (with my kids still in it) and paced around between parked cars until I had reached my goal. Or had to excuse myself during a webinar or skip out of a movie to run frantically up and down the corridor in an effort to rack up those steps.

img_7196Now, my husband’s company participates in a Vitality program where they actually get cash and gift cards and stuff for achieving various milestones on their fitness trackers.

I, however, do not work there. I get no such rewards for hitting these benchmarks. There’s no financial motivation for me.

All I get is the satisfaction of seeing little green stars on my Fitbit app dashboard.

That’s perfectly normal, right??

Do you have a symbiotic relationship with your fitness tracker? Leave a comment below!


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