11:11 AND a Full Moon? What Does it Mean? t

img_7189I’ve been feeling kinda low for the last few days. I haven’t been sleeping much. And as much as I adore my children, I haven’t had a break from them in weeks.

I also had a deadline yesterday that was stressing me out and the minions weren’t exactly being cooperative, what with the shrieking and the fighting and the running around like psychopathic lab monkeys.

So, I snapped. I’m not proud of it. But I did.

I yelled at them. Like a banshee.

And then I regretted it. And hated myself.

So after I read them to sleep, I went for a walk.

And I don’t know why but something compelled me to look up directly overhead at the sky. At just that precise moment, the clouds parted to reveal a beautifully circular orb.

I pulled out my phone and googled it. Yep. It was a full moon. A Wolf Moon, I believe some call it.

I wanted to see if it meant anything but when I pressed the home button, the phone revealed that it was 11:11. On 1/11.

I’m not entirely sure what this means. But I’m pretty sure it means something.

I just wish I was a little farther along on my spiritual journey and that my meditations involved more stillness and less leading the wandering puppy back to reveal the answer.

Oh, look! A squirrel!!

Does the number 11 hold any significance for you? Leave a comment below!


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