The Creepy Bunny That Made Me Fat

img_7156I’ve always had a hard time fitting in. Many people find this hard to believe because I’m perceived as being fun and boisterous. But really, I’m very shy. And terrified to meet new people.

I’ve been this way since I can remember. Like when I switched from a public school to a private school when I was about 10. Let’s just say there was about a year of cootie shots and being tormented before I finally felt like I belonged.

Cut to freshman year in high school. An all-girl school. Now, I’ve always been a tomboy (whatever that actually means) and have always gotten along better with boys than with girls. But my mother felt I needed to be “saved” and kept from penises (peni?) so there I was.

I had such a hard time making friends that I would skip lunch and volunteered to help out in the office. I also didn’t eat much. And not just because I was missing lunch time.

So my principal, Sister Peter Mary, grew concerned about what she considered my emaciated state and called me into her office – probably the only time I got called in there when I wasn’t in trouble. And I don’t remember much of the conversation but I do remember her telling me I needed to eat and then giving me this creepy bunny as a reminder to do so.

I already told you I was a packrat so it should come as no surprise that I still have it. #dontjudge

But seeing as how I’ve struggled with weight issues since then, and am currently a fatass, I should probably torch the crap out of it.

Ok. So it’s probably not the bunny’s fault. At least not entirely.

Do you have any little mementos that remind you of a simpler time? Leave a comment below!


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