Did Something Just Die? No. It’s Just My Quilt.

fullsizerender-6I have a slightly irrational disdain for quilts. There’s really no logical explanation.

They just creep me out.

They look like they smell like death. Even new ones.

They just have that death stench look to them.

Every time I look at a quilt, I can almost hear an eery whisper, “I smell dead people.”

True story.

I can only gather that some people like them because they think they’re like “homey” or something. Or maybe they’re a family heirloom type thing.

I’m just glad my family’s been too busy stealing shit from each other for generations to ever leave one behind.

Although, something tells me quilts don’t run deep in Cuban bloodlines.

I think we’re more into jewelry. I’d have liked to have THAT handed down to me.

But for the thievery….

Is there something you loathe for no apparent reason? Leave a comment below!!




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