The Santa Claus Save

img_7139My littles are 6 and about-to-turn-9.

So this year, there were a lot of questions about the veracity of Santa Claus.

And as many parents do, I bald-faced lied.

Ok. So that’s a lie.

I actually just told them that many people do believe and when asked if I believed, then I lied.

Because the holidays are so much more magical when they believe that an old, fat, white bearded dude flies around the world in one night to deliver their toys. And that their little elves get into some kind of mischief every night. Ok. Fine. Not every night. Sue us. They’re lazy elves.

It’s also adorable when they write their letter to Santa and are so eager to go visit him in the Gables in front of city hall (because where else would Santa be??) and rattle off all the items on their list.

But this year, mommy and daddy took a lazy cue from the elves and failed miserably at the whole Santa visit thing.

I’ve been distraught with guilt ever since. Because I know full well this may be the last year that they believe.

And because once the older one finds out, you know she’s going to ruin that shit for brother.

So when I discovered this magical little place and that there was still one last chance to make their Santa dream come true, I jumped at the chance.

If the paddle boats and the pony rides and the menagerie of animals hadn’t sealed the deal for them, jolly old St. Nicholas surely did.

I highly recommend this little Winterland at Pinto’s Farm!

Do your little ones still believe? How do you keep the magic alive? Leave a comment below!


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