Books & Books. And Music. And Wine!

img_7077Once you have kids, getting out is quite an undertaking. You’re faced with two ugly choices. You either:

  • Find a sitter (which good Cubans simply do not do. You mean, leave your kids with someone who isn’t family? You may as well leave them on the street unattended to fend for themselves. Or just hand them the drugs and sell them into sex slavery yourself!)


  • Take them with you.

I’m trying to keep these posts short so I won’t go into why #2 is not such a great idea. But I’m sure you’ve all been out and been subjected to people who have their children with them.

I’ll leave it at that.

So tonight, we took the tiny terrorists wonderful children to dinner with us and seeing how we had already put forth all that effort, decided we should probably take advantage. Since we were already out and all.

But what can you do that will be entertaining for both kids and parents?

You go to Books & Books. One of my absolute favorite places in Miami.

Because what’s better than an amazing book store? One that has live music. And serves wine!

A good time was had by all. And the best part is nobody was maimed or arrested by DCF in the process. #winning

Fellow parents: Can you feel me? Leave a comment below!


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