Dora and the Declutter

fullsizerender-4I used to be a packrat. I held on to all kinds of stuff. For sentimental reasons, you understand.

But recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning in shit. Everywhere I look, there’s stuff.

There isn’t a flat surface in my house that isn’t concealed by crap.

Where’s the dining room table? I know it’s there because I see the legs. Couch? I could have sworn it was over here. Even the floor has fallen victim to the clutter.

I’m talking magazines, crayons, string to make friendship bracelets, weights, mysteriously shaped ceramics, markers, colored pencils, backpacks, underwear.

Sure, some of that stuff is mine. But still.

So this year, one of my most fervent desires is to clear the clutter!!

Which is no easy feat with two small children in tow.

Every time I make a pile of crap to purge, they decide they would die without it.

Today was no exception. Tears were shed when they discovered Dora was heading to the dumpster.

They asked for one last hurrah so I acquiesced.

But tomorrow, Dora sleeps with the fishes.

What strategies do you use to keep from appearing on an episode of Hoarders? Leave a comment below!



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