Location Independence: Day 9

Location independence. Music to my ears.


Some people thrive in power suits and skyscrapers. I prefer a more jovial environment. I want to play. And wear much less restrictive clothing. If any.

If I could travel whenever I wanted while still bringing in an income AND doing something I love that doesn’t require being stuck in an office….Dare I dream it?

But dare I must. Because that’s when I’m the most creative. The most fun. The most free. The most me.

And gosh darn it, that’s the me I want to be.

Truth be told, I honestly don’t think it would even feel like work. If I were in, say…Paris, I would visit the museums, the shops, go for a run and then sit at a little cafe and write. Or I’d hop on the train and write en route to my next adventure. Or in my hotel room. Or at the beach. Or at a bar. Ok, well maybe not at a bar. I mean, I would make a valiant effort. But no promises beyond that.

Bottom line: Trying to figure out how to balance work and play whilst creating memories and exploring the world seems like a problem I’d gladly welcome!

So I say, Universe, bring it on. I’m ready!

Would you want location independence or do you prefer a more structured environment? Let me know by sharing a comment below. Or just follow me!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9




2 thoughts on “Location Independence: Day 9

  1. Shanna says:

    I’m with you, being confined to an office with specific hours crushes my creativity. Sometimes in the middle of the night I have an idea and could write or draw or build or plan or whatever for hours, but knowing that dreaded alarm will soon sound kills the buzz.

    Independence is a much more sought after goal these days…. is it with age? or experiences?


    • elev8it says:

      Maybe it comes with age. Or maybe we’re just experiencing a more “universal” shift in what matters. Of course I say universal because these are by far first world problems. But no less important. And I’ve read that whenever your muse visits, you should honor her because she’s temperamental and may stop showing up. So get up and create. You may be tired the next day but at least you’ll have something to show for it. And all of us benefit!


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