My Superpowers: Day 4

I’m  A Superstar!superstar

In today’s post, (well, technically it’s supposed to be yesterday’s post but I was kinda busy Toastmastering and frolicking with one of my bffs at a United Way of Miami kickoff event) I get to talk about one of my favorite people. Me.

In all seriousness, I usually don’t like talking about myself but the instructions were clear: check your modesty at the door. I was also to ask those closest to me to chime in and, to my surprise, the two lists were quite similar.

My list

  • Writing – because I have the ability to write the way I speak and those that know me and read my stuff have told me that they can totally picture me saying it. Cursing and all.
  • Making people laugh – because I’m a little crazy and I often amuse myself and at times, others appear to be laughing with me instead of at me. Although that happens often too, so idk.
  • Working out – because although I’m not the best or most dedicated athlete on the planet, (yeah, Phelps, I’m looking at you) I’m better and more dedicated than many people out there.

Compiled List of My True Friends (excluding the above-mentioned bff who not only did not reply to my text, also has not yet replied to an email I sent her months ago that would greatly aid in my personal development – Yeah, Gutierrez, I’m looking at you.)

  • Writing/Proofreading
  • Wit
  • Making People Laugh
  • Creative Ideas
  • Intelligence
  • Outgoing Personality
  • People Skills

Turns out, I’m pretty freaking awesome. Yay, me!!

What would you say your superpowers are? Leave a comment below. I’d love to know 🙂

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4



One thought on “My Superpowers: Day 4

  1. Nicole Gutierrez says:

    Just to clear my name, I did reply to the text. It may have been a bit late, because I was diligently working like a good little employee, but I did answer! I am, however, guilty of not replying to the personal development email, although I had really good intentions. I will blame previously mentioned work.

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