My Why: Day 2

Give Me Free!img_5242

I’ve been following Danielle LaPorte for some time now. In her book, the Desire Map, Danielle talks about what she calls “heart-centered” living. A process to identify your Core Desire Feelings that you then use to create goals that are “connected to your soul.”

When I first heard about this concept, I was blown away. What do you mean identify my top 5 or 6 desired feelings and then make all decisions based on how I want to feel? I don’t think anyone had ever asked me how I wanted to feel. Or had asked me to consider that for myself.

But one thing was clear. And it was as true 5 years ago as it is today. Besides wanting to feel abundant, elevated/high vibe, creative and joyful, my #1 desired feeling is freedom.


Even writing the word makes my heart skip a beat.

For me, freedom means not being confined to an office or a cubicle. It means dictating my own schedule. Writing when I’m inspired to write. Or even writing when I know I should be writing. Because it’s what writers do. We write. Even when we don’t particularly want to.

But I do it on my terms. In my PJs. Or naked. Or at a cafe. But usually not naked at the cafe, you understand. Because that would likely be frowned upon.

It’s the freedom to walk my kids to school and have breakfast with them. Or stupidly run 12 miles in the middle of a Hades-hot Miami summer day. Or to attempt not to poison my family with my cooking. Or be able to up and leave to help my eldest move out of her place without having to beg for time off or to justify why I need a personal day.

The freedom to feel my most creative. And joyful. And to share that joy with the world.

And basically to not be a raving bitch to my family. Which believe you me, they appreciate more than any paycheck I’ve ever brought in.

In essence, my why….the reason I get up every morning, is to savor every moment of the freedom I’ve gained by trading in that paycheck for my sanity. And to try and figure out how I can use that freedom to nourish my soul and to serve the world.

Now that I’ve told you my why, I want to know yours. What are your core desired feelings? What is your why?

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2



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